Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kinako Ice Cream and Macarons

I made kinako ice cream and then had to make kinako macarons to accompany the ice cream. Kinako is roasted soy bean flour that is used in Japanese desserts as well as some Korean desserts. I found the recipe from this blog, I just substituted the black sesame to kinako.

The macarons were made by following this recipe I just substituted the cocoa powder for the kinako. As an ice cream sandwich, this combination is so much better than a ganache for the filling of a macaron- totally delicious!


  1. sounds like a double wammy winner. can't go wrong with ice cream and cookies. I remember going to the Worlds Fair in New York (you riding on Dad's shoulders the whole time) and having Mt. Fuji ice cream at a Japanese exhibit. Dee-licious! It was green and I thought that was the greatest. wish I knew what kind it was.

    1. Most likely green tea ice cream. I will have to try making that one day.